Who I Am

I’m 49, although I’m told I don’t look or act my age. I take that as a compliment. I have a love-hate relationship with labels, but I think they can often be helpful. Labels come with a lot of loaded information, and are filtered based on YOUR experiences and information you’ve received. Despite that risk and sometimes my own distaste for the confusion surrounding them, I’m going to throw around a lot of labels. In this case, I hope they will help you get a better idea of who I am. These labels are in no particular order or importance or weight.

I’m a journalist. I work at CNN’s Worldwide Headquarters in Atlanta. My title is News Editor, but if you’re not in television news, you probably don’t know what that means. I typically spend my days taking in information and deciding where it needs to go and how. Sometimes, I change other journalists’ work to help it fit within certain standards and format. It’s a rewarding job, sometimes stressful, and very interesting (to me).

I’m a parent, a sibling and child. Those labels should be self-explanatory.

I’m transgender. This means nothing about who I find attractive. Gender is not sexuality. Gender is how you see your femininity and/or masculinity, whereas sexuality is the gender to which you’re attracted. Here are a couple basic rules to help you understand the difference: gender is between your head, sex is between your legs; and gender is who you go to bed AS, where sexuality is who you go to bed WITH. I transitioned late in life. It’s only been about a year for me, and I only came out to the majority of the people in my life about 6 months ago.

I’m a friend to a wide variety of people! I don’t have a lot of close guy friends. Most of my close friends are women, and most of those are either gay, bisexual or gender variant. That’s because these are the people with whom I most closely identify. I’m a woman and a lesbian. I’ve exclusively dated women. I’ll never say never, but I can’t see myself dating a guy. I’m also single, by choice. I have been for several years, and for a number of reasons, most recently because I was focused on myself. That’s not a bad thing! If you find yourself focused on you, it’s probably a good thing to be single.

I’m a wannabe musician. I studied opera and play (to varying degrees) several instruments. Music is a big part of my life, and I have a wide range in taste, but I’m no expert on any one genre.

Me and Steph on the beach of Tin Can Bay in Queensland, Australia.

I love to learn! Because of ADD, I did poorly in school. I flunked history, for example, but love learning about history and cultures now! I just returned from a 3-week trip to Australia where my friend Steph lives. I stayed with her and her family outside of Brisbane, so I feel like I really got to experience Australia better than most visitors. It was definitely one of the most lovely experiences I’ve ever had, and I’ll be writing more about my time there, soon.

Those are the highlights. There is a lot more to who I am, but that should be a decent introduction. If you have any questions, or want to share something you found interesting in this post, please leave a comment below! I promise I’ll read it, and will reply as best I can.

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    1. Thank you, Shawn. I don’t think of myself in that way, but I’ve been told that before. I just hope I can give people an exposure to what being trans really means. People are being bombarded right now with concepts and information that doesn’t represent my reality, or the reality of many other transgender people. I hope I can give that a little balance.


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